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16 May '14

Why Travel Insurance is Essential When Going Overseas

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Dollarphotoclub_35206799Travel insurance is an essential item on every traveller’s checklist.  No matter what country you plan on visiting, medical treatment is likely to be expensive and luggage can go missing – just to name a couple of unexpected expenses. Having travel insurance can offer you some peace of mind while you are in a foreign location.

There is insurance to protect travellers from nearly every possible scenario. As with all insurance you get what you pay for, so make sure you do some careful research – this includes carefully going through the fine print before purchasing any policy. As every company offers different inclusions and exclusions, it’s a good idea to compare several before committing to anything. Here are some of the things you should think about when looking for travel insurance:

Medical insurance – Having an accident or medical emergency while overseas can be a costly experience. In some countries, the average cost of one day in hospital is a minimum of $1000, not including procedures, while the price of transporting a deceased person home can be $10,000 or more – all this and more is covered with a policy. Before travelling abroad, seriously consider whether you can afford to go without medical insurance.

Bags and luggage cover – Being stuck with no clothing or toiletries is every woman’s worst nightmare, so it makes sense to insure your property in case it gets lost or stolen. Baggage insurance not only covers your essentials, but also offers protection for all your jewellery, electrical devices, mobile phones and any other valuables.

Cover for cancellations/delays – Bad weather happens but some policies offer cover for when weather causes your trip to be cancelled or delayed. This means you will be reimbursed for any expenses, including tickets, hire cars and accommodation.

Emergency travel – Travellers can be reimbursed for any emergency trips home and is advised for people who are planning to be overseas for a long period of time. This so that if a family member gets sick or dies (or if any other emergency situation pops up), your fare to fly home and back is covered.

All insurance prices depend on a range of factors: a persons age, pre-existing conditions or illnesses, how long the coverage is purchased for and, of course, what level of coverage you want. In most cases, the insurance is not needed, but wouldn’t you prefer to be safe than sorry?

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