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30 May '14

Don’t be part of the FOMO Crowd

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shutterstock_131790755Otherwise known as Fear Of Missing Out, FOMO is an irrational fear that generally strikes when it is least expected, and is the overwhelming feeling that everyone else is having more fun than you. Statistics say that nearly 70% of Australians have experienced the debilitating effects of FOMO, and of this women and generation Y are generally the hardest to be hit.

23 May '14

A Guide to Fiji’s Mana Island for Unleashed Schoolies

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Dollarphotoclub_57177138Is a trip to Mana Island part of your plans for this year’s schoolies celebrations? No matter what you enjoy doing in your leisure time, this guide will help you plan the ultimate schoolies experience.

Mana Island is a 12 minute plane ride from the Nadi Airport and is only 300 acres in size. The island is covered in traditional Fijian ‘bures’ (pronounced ’mbooh-ray’) which are basically little hut-type dwellings surrounded by crystal blue water. There is Internet access, an Internet café and a library so guests can keep in touch with the world, while all rooms come equipped with air conditioning, fans, fridges, irons and hairdryers. A gift shop will have your gift situation sorted before you head off for a relaxing massage. If relaxing isn’t your thing, maybe one of these activities will take capture your attention.

16 May '14

Why Travel Insurance is Essential When Going Overseas

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Dollarphotoclub_35206799Travel insurance is an essential item on every traveller’s checklist.  No matter what country you plan on visiting, medical treatment is likely to be expensive and luggage can go missing – just to name a couple of unexpected expenses. Having travel insurance can offer you some peace of mind while you are in a foreign location.

09 May '14

Protecting the Elephants in Thailand

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Dollarphotoclub_50257060In recent times protecting animals in their natural habitat has become a global concern, with every country having their own species to be concerned about. If you are planning a trip to an overseas destination, knowing the rules or regulations for visiting any endangered or protected animals is essential for all travellers – not only for legal reasons, but also as a safety precaution. This is no different for the elephants of Thailand.

30 Apr '14

A Guide to Snorkeling in Fiji

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Fiji has so much to offer visitors. Not only is it beautiful, with white sandy beaches, lagoons and crystal blue waters, but there is also another world to explore just below the surface. Fiji is simply teeming with aquatic life, and that’s why a trip to this island paradise wouldn’t be complete without some serious snorkeling.

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